” WIPEOUT ” . . 



Wipeout is a wildly successful reality contest show that follows contestants maneuvering a brilliantly engineered assault course. The seasonal packages share looming/twirling obstacles and mess created by some form of H2O, paint, and in the warmer months, mud. Variations include changing apparatus and recognizable seasonal characteristics like snow and flowers.

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Loica has done the graphics packages for the past six seasons of Wipeout. The directive for the Spring season shown here was to capture the action and mess in a fun, colorful, exhilarating way.


Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress




Creative Director

Matías Rivera

Executive Producer

Steve Weinshel

Mananging Director/
Executive Producer

Francisco Chaigneau

Lead Designer

Santiago Ramet


Leonardo Alisievicz
Juan Pablo Ríos
Claudio Araos

Lead Animator

Leonardo Alisievicz

3D & 2D Artists

Juan Pablo Rios
David Fenner
Paul Colignon
Diego Soppelsa
Alberto Vega
David Vera