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My name’s Radames; it is not short for anything. My Italian dad just loves opera so a character from Verdi’s Aida provided the name he chose for me. I studied Visual Arts for years followed by Industrial Design and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires.

I’ve always worked in filmmaking for commercials–as Art Director and then Director. I specialize in table top, basically because I love seeing reality at a super macro level, making materials behave exactly as I want them to, bringing to light their textures, thicknesses, and unique characteristics. Because I’m a strong believer in sensory communication, I believe in showing something like a hamburger in a completely unexpected way–so it can be remembered.

Above all, I love to observe; close my eyes, picture an image and then bring it to life—just like that; Brand images. I like to think each time has been better than the last over the past 20+ years. During those 20+ years of experience I’ve worked with a immense volume of big brands and their agencies.

I really love what I do: I fall in love with the projects and never stop until the project is delivered. Ultimately, I’m interested in making the most of each day, and I think I’m doing quite a good job of it; I am pretty happy.