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Embarking on a journey steeped in a mix of classic and modern filmmaking, Martin has meticulously carved a unique niche, weaving epic narratives with intimately sculpted details. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, his cinematic tales create a complex mix of genres, atmospheres, and emotional explorations, all contained within the fleeting constraints of momentary screen time. His adventure began over a decade ago directing commercials and gradually refining his richly textured and nuanced style, evident in every frame he crafts.

As a member of the Directors Guild of America and a recipient of accolades from the Clio Awards, Cannes Lion, D&AD, LIA, and Ciclope Festival, Martin leans into a cinematic lens through which stories morph from mere tales to experiential journeys.

Martín was educated at New York University. He later founded Cave Letters — a venture devoted to developing content and literary sealing, specializing in crafting bespoke scripted fiction for both feature and episodic work. Martin’s creations emerge as a confluence of observant and curiosity-driven narratives. His artful intertwining of dark and comedic elements surprise and engage viewers with a blend of human introspection and unexpected twists.

With a keen screenwriter’s eye, Martin perceives every story as a finely-tuned narrative piece, meticulously playing with and developing the internal beats of the story structure. His approach aims to immerse the audience not only in captivating visuals, but also into the enchanting magic of long-format storytelling. His unwavering commitment to challenging norms and unearthing the potential embedded in every idea perpetuates a cinematic journey that is immersive and emotionally resonant.