Global Campaign

This project is presented as a quick montage of work that spans over two years during which we produced over a dozen videos for Mitsubishi Electric in both the States and Japan. The montage represents many instructional videos done with our long time friends at MRM/McCann Salt Lake City with some additional creativity coming from MRM/McCann TOKYO.

Each video depicts a different technology; Self Driving Cars and Mobile Mapping systems, High Speed Trains, Elevators, Escalators, Air Conditioning and UPS are among some of the technologies represented.

Mitsubishi is a top-tier technology brand, so explanations of their high-end technologies required precision which we hoped to keep in balance with the right amount of fun and style. 



Mitsubishi Electric

Creative Director

Matías Rivera

Executive Producer

Steve Weinshel
Francisco Chaigneau

Associate Producer

Catalina Avila

CG Lead

Juan Pablo Rios


Claudio Araos
Pablo Guerra
Felipe Fiori
Gerald Diaz

3D & 2D Artists

Diego Soppelsa
David Fenner
Leonardo Alisievicz
Rodrigo Garcia
Paul Colignon
Gonzalo Aravena