Career Day

We were approached for what initially was a one spot project which was a combination of live action and character animation. We were thought of by the agency because of their previous experience with us on a multi-spot animation project. The new project evolved to include three other live action spots for a total of four spots. All the spots were shot on locations in Santiago, Chile. The initial spot, Career Day, was cast in English, Mandarin, and Spanish. All casting was done in Chile. The target age for the girl in Career Day was 5-6. To effectively elicit the voice performances of the girls we additionally cast slightly older girls and dubbed in their voices. The older English voice came from the older sister of the on screen talent. The Spanish voice was recorded in Chile. The Mandarin voice was recorded in San Francisco. All live action, animation, and post-production was performed by Loica in Chile.

Feel free to check the Spanish and Mandarin versions.




Creative Director

Matías Rivera

Executive Producer

Steve Weinshel

Managing Director /Executive Producers

Francisco Chaigneau

CG Lead

Leonardo Alisievicz


Claudio Araos
Felipe Fiori
Sebastián Pinto

3D & 2D Artists

Juan Pablo Rios
David Vera
David Fenner
Alberto Vega
Paul Colignon
Sebastián Platz
Diego Soppelsa