Falling Skies

We were approached by TNT to come up with ideas for the open for a teaser for Season 3 of Falling Skies. The turn-around time was tight. The client’s brief: ACTION!, and it is about aliens. In the end, more human action was included to convey the chaos and tension created by the aliens. The execution was a mix of live action and CG. It took us 6 weeks in total to wrap it up, from the time we were called to pitch until final delivery. We produced a :30 + :45 open for two different teasers.

The production included a live action shoot in an abandoned factory complex in Santiago and lots of 3D integrated over the live action. Doing VFX on location was a lot of fun, we played with explosions, a radio controlled helicopter, high speed cameras and three talented stunt peeps running through mud, fire and smoke. A kid’s dream.





Creative Director

Matías Rivera

Live Action Directors

Hugo Maza
Matías Rivera

Executive Producers

Steve Weinshel
Francisco Chaigneau

Director of Photography

Hernan Bouza

CG Lead

Leonardo Alisievicz


Demetrio Babul
Claudio Araos

3D & 2D Artists

David Fenner
Carlos Rojas
Cristobal Atria