Essentials Jr.

This is a TCM series that invites families to watch classic films together. Since kids are generally not very attracted to black and white which spells “old,” the network requested something that felt modern, colorful, and handmade. We came up with the idea of a building where every floor was a different stage representing different movie genres. Our design process passed through many phases until we agreed on doing a 1.5 meter tall cardboard building which was shot on a stage. The stages representing the different movie genres were constructed of cardboard as well.

Additional Video

All the additional characters and elements were designed and animated with CG to resemble the cardboard quality of the handmade / live elements. We were very pleased to have worked with Luis Valdes (a.k.a Don Lucho), an amazing local artist who specializes in cut paper and cardboard art. Also, the DP, Antonio Quercia, did a fantastic job doing micro LED lighting on the tiny stages. Thanks to all for a great collaborative project.




Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

VP Creative Director

Pola Changnon

Supervising Writer Producer

Tim Reilly

Writer Producer

Scott McGee

Director / Broadcast Design

Kathryn Allen



Creative Director

Matías Rivera

Executive Producer

Steve Weinshel

Managing Director/Executive Producers

Francisco Chaigneau

Art Director

Jin Lim

Director Of Photography

Antonio Quercia


Raúl Burgos
Claudio Araos
Sebastián Pinto

Cardboard Art

Luis Valdes (a.k.a Don Lucho)

Animation Director

Leonardo Alisievicz

3D & 2D Artists

Juan Pablo Ríos
Nicolas Carrasco
Cristian Meza
David Vera